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Rider - back in print!

Paperback or ebook.

Latest Novel

"Carolyn's Supper"

Set at Earle Road Beach on the ocean-side "elbow" of Cape Cod, Carolyn drifts on her back in the water, dreaming of a beachlike death.


Mai Asahikawa is a lonely, witty, wistful woman bearing secrets, spinning reverie after reverie to lay bare the facets of her life that have forced her to embrace commuter anonymity among Tokyo's millions of train riders. When a homeless person dies of a deliberate poisoning, she suddenly becomes a person of interest.

Uncovering Fashion: Fashion Communications across the Media

Published by Bloomsbury (originally by Fairchild Books, the textbook division of Conde Nast), the book contains a full overview of fashion in a wide range of media, with profiles and interviews of fashion designers, business owners, editors, and writers, including Pulitzer Prizewinner Robin Givhan of the Washington Post. A color insert of Annie Leibowitz's "Wizard of Oz" spread for Vogue (2005) shows how strong narrative drives strong fashion features.

Migraine: Pain of the Body, Cry of the Spirit

A practical guide to conquering migraines and achieving mind-body-spirit wellness.