Marian Frances Wolbers

Uncovering Fashion: Fashion Communications across the Media

A must-have for fashion journalism, business communications and marketing courses, this book systematically reveals the fashion industry’s underlying network of communications. More than just the content of consumer fashion magazines, fashion communication extends to all segments of the fashion industry -- from the names of colors at the dye factory to the latest runway reviews posted on fashion Web sites. Uncovering Fashion demonstrates how this distinct language of words and images is used to explain, explore, enhance or sell fashion.

Fashion News, Summer 2009, Fairchild Books

Short Stories
A woman who speaks to her ancestors at the beach makes an unusual dinner.
An old woman finds herself in the arms of a lifeguard in this story set on Cape Cod's Bank Street Beach, Harwichport.
The interior tale of a mysterious woman who spends most of her days riding the subways of Tokyo.
An exploration into the role and development of fashion communications, from the ground floor up.

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